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The rapid growth of megacities has raised the bar for invention sky-high.

It’s an exciting time for us to radically rethink and reshape our world. At Gogoro, we’re starting with the way people use, consume and experience energy. It’s a centuries old industry that hasn’t kept up with the pace of urban life – where things need to move fast, connections need to be seamless and sustainable choices are expected.

Leveraging the power of big data and the unrelenting demand for smarter technologies, Gogoro is helping to create a more intelligent and adaptive system for today’s most dynamic cities. We’re working toward a better future by putting power in the hands of everyone, so all of us can move forward, faster.

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Gogoro Team


Horace Luke

Horace Luke

Founder and CEO

Horace Luke is a co-founder and chief executive officer of Gogoro, where he has overseen product development and corporate strategy from the outset. Previously, Horace served as chief innovation officer at HTC, where he played an instrumental role in leading the company's transformation from a white label hardware manufacturer to one of the most desirable and innovative mobile phone brands in the world. From 2006 to 2011 at HTC, he led product strategy from concept to delivery, garnering a variety of industry awards, including the GSMA's "Best Smartphone of the Year" in 2010 for the HTC Hero, the GSMA's 2011 Device Manufacturer of the year. Prior to HTC, Horace spent ten years at Microsoft, where he led product ideation and brand development for a variety of Microsoft's most important franchises including the first generation Xbox, Windows XP and Windows Mobile. Horace also served at Nike where he played a key role in the brand development across a number of progressive brands.

Matt Taylor

Matt Taylor

Founder and CTO

Matt Taylor is a co-founder and chief technology officer at Gogoro, where he manages the technical direction of the company's products. Prior to Gogoro, Matt served as the chief technologist at HTC, managing the software and hardware teams responsible for defining the company's architectural direction. He joined Microsoft in 1998 to begin development on their early smartphone and wireless Pocket PC efforts. Prior to Microsoft, Matt worked at Motorola in Libertyville, Illinois working on RF, software, logic and baseband designs on a range of analog and digital cellular products.

Grace Lei

Grace Lei

Chief Operating Officer

Prior to Gogoro, Lei spent more than a decade as General Counsel and Board Secretary at HTC where she was responsible for all legal affairs including global IP litigation, commercial transactions, mergers and acquisitions and corporate governance and compliance. Lei was also actively involved in leading HTC’s business development and corporate strategy. Prior to HTC, Grace practiced law at Tsai, Lee & Chen, Qi Lin International Law Office and Lee & Li Attorneys-at-Laws and at the prestigious law firm Winkler Partners. Lei obtained her Master of Laws (LL.M.) degrees from The University of Pennsylvania and National Taiwan University and is admitted in New York State and Taiwan.

Hui-Ming “HM” Cheng

Hui-Ming “HM” Cheng

Board Member and Advisor

Mr. Cheng previously served as CFO of HTC, leading the company’s growth from hardware ODM to one of the most valuable mobile brands in the world. During his tenure, Mr. Cheng made significant contributions to HTC including enhancing the company’s accounting and operational structure and gained unprecedented support and recognition from HTC’s institutional investors. Prior to HTC, Mr. Cheng served as CFO of Taiwan Mobile and Vice President of Finance at Winbond and was individually honored as, “the Best CFO in Taiwan” in 2002.


Ming-I Peng

Ming-I Peng 1/6


Ming-I is responsible for Gogoro’s marketing programs and brings more than 25 years of experience across various industries ranging from computers, software, smartphones and premium automobiles. Prior to Gogoro, Ming-I led Greater China marketing and distribution sales for Blackberry. He also held a variety of key executive roles at Nokia, including head of branded retail sales, head of Live product category in China, and lead for all of Nokia’s go-to-market efforts in Taiwan.

Jason Gordon

Jason Gordon 2/6


Jason is responsible for Gogoro’s global communication. He joined the company with more than 15 years of leadership experience in a variety of marketing and communications roles. Most recently, he led HTC’s global communication and influencer marketing, where he was responsible for HTC’s brand introduction and rollout from a white label hardware manufacturer in 2006 to one of the most desirable and innovative mobile phone brands in the world. In 2011, PR Week recognized him as one of the “Top 40 Under 40” PR executives in the United States. Prior to HTC, Jason held communication roles at Motorola and Microsoft, where he led the early rollouts of many smartphones, platforms and advanced technologies.

CK Cherng

CK Cherng 3/6

Business Operations

CK is responsible for business operations at Gogoro. Prior to joining Gogoro, he held senior management roles at a variety of companies including Nokia and Motorola. Most recently, CK served as chief operations officer at Motorola China, where he established a new business strategy by unifying the product and channel strategy and reorganizing business operations. At Nokia, he was responsible for designing and implementing a new retail model in China that resulted in significant sales and an increase in market share that elevated Nokia to be the #1 phone manufacturer in China.

Dmitri Hu

Dmitri Hu 4/6


Dmitri is responsible for financial management and strategy at Gogoro. Previously, he was Executive Director at Goldman Sachs (Asia) L.L.C., where he was responsible for leading strategic advisory and financing services for a variety of clients in Greater China. Prior to joining Goldman Sachs, Dmitri was an Analyst at Deutsche Asset Management and Research Associate in CLSA covering the telecom and petrochemical sectors in Taiwan.

Jerry Lee

Jerry Lee 5/6

Supply Chain

Jerry leads Gogoro’s supply chain strategy and organization and is responsible for injecting efficiency and sustainability while driving the company’s strategic supplier network. Prior to Gogoro, he served 13 years in various executive roles for Ford Motor Company in Taiwan and Greater China, leading procurement and supply chain efficiency.

Horace Luke

Pass Liao 6/6


Pass is responsible for Gogoro’s quality control and assurance. He joined Gogoro from IKEA, where he was instrumental in establishing a comprehensive quality control program that included everything from supplier selection to working closely with product development to reduce COPQ (Cost of Poor Quality) for the first time ever. Prior to IKEA, he was the Asia-Pacific regional quality lead at Ford Motor Company.


Samuel Yin

Board Member and Investor

One of Asia's most successful entrepreneurs, Dr. Yin’s diverse business ventures include retail, sustainable technology, healthcare, financial services, property development and textiles. Dr. Yin’s recent achievements include the successful expansion of his hyper market chain RT-Mart into China and the successful acquisition and growth of Nan Shan Life Insurance (AIG) in Taiwan. In addition to his successful business ventures, Dr. Yin is one of only a few Asians to commit to the Warren Buffett and Bill Gates Giving Pledge and has recently established the Tang Prize, a set of international awards for individual achievements in Biopharmaceutical Science, Rule of Law, Sinology and Sustainable Development.

Gogoro is one of Dr. Yin’s newest and most significant ventures. He is the lead investor and board member.

The National Development Fund of Taiwan


The National Development Fund of Taiwan was established in 1973 by Taiwan’s Cabinet to invest in major Taiwan finance enterprises and start-up projects in industrial infrastructure; assist in the development of small and medium sized enterprises through financing and also introduce technological research and development in order to strengthen Taiwan’s overall competitive advantage. The Fund primarily invests in semiconductor, optoelectronic, telecommunication, financial service, precision machinery, transportation infrastructure, biotechnology, aerospace, digital content, information, and cultural innovation sectors.



Panasonic, one of the leading companies in battery innovation and a supplier of Gogoro battery cells, is the first strategic investor in Gogoro.